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Welcome to my website and thank you for your interest in ISR lessons!  My husband, Chris & I are proud parents to Ivy Rose (10/15/2014), Clark Everett (11/10/2017) and Carter Clinton (4/28/2019).  The older two have of course gone thru the ISR training, both starting at 7 months old and I am anxious to get baby Carter swimming & floating in 2020!  I love watching them develop & strengthen their skills every year!

A little about me and why I do what I do… Well, I first learned about ISR approximately 16 years ago.  Growing up in both Tucson and Las Vegas has had me around pools my entire life.  I, myself took survival swim lessons at age 1, then moved on to swim team at age 5, and I’ve pretty much been swimming ever since.  I know first hand how it feels to have been given the gift of survival swimming at a young age and have always felt very naturally comfortable and safe in/around water.  It’s been second nature my whole life, thanks to my parents!

In additon, when my four older siblings all started having children they searched for the best lessons they could find.  The conclusion quickly became ISR.  As each of my 15 nieces and nephews were born, they were each put into ISR Self-Rescue™ lessons.  I was able to see first hand how well the ISR program worked for my family, especially since one niece saved her own life with the skills she was taught.  I was so intrigued that I went and watched the lessons for myself in Tucson.  It was amazing what the instructor could do with such a small child.  In 2010, I decided I wanted to become an ISR Instructor and be a part of this amazing team.  Soon after I went through the intensive training and academic curriculum to become a Certified ISR Instructor.  The experience was truly amazing, and I have an endless confidence in our teachings.

Every child should be given this opportunity for it truly is a priceless gift.  I am so honored to work with the children that come to me and know that I’ve made a difference in their future safety in and around water.  I encourage anyone who is curious about ISR to come observe a lesson.  Let it speak for itself, you won't forget it.  

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