Parent Testimonials

I love the ISR lessons. Crystal Clausen is so kind, patient, and gentle with my daughter, who has cried through nearly all of the lessons. I can see the progress my daughter has made. I cannot recommend this program enough.      -Stacy

Thank you so much for helping Victor feel safe in the water, Ms. Crystal!

Crystal is such an incredible instructor. She packs so much into 10 mins but yet doesn't overwhelm our sons. Their swimming has greatly improved since we started lessons with Crystal.      -Dianna

Crystal Grivas is amazing! She is so kind and patient and takes her time to really make sure my daughter is getting the most out of her lessons. My daughter loves lessons with Ms. Crystal and looks forward to every single one!      -Kristina

Crystal Clausen Grivas     She is very sweet and loving. This is our third season with her and we love her!     She has taught my daughter so much and how to LOVE the water. We also have a peace of mind.      -Jillian R

Crystal Clausen Grivas is truly the BEST!  She has a great personality and demeanor with her students and families, high quality lesson delivery, and makes everyone comfortable and at ease throughout the whole process.  At this point, she is like family to us, and we are so grateful for the life-saving skills she teaches our son.

Our 3rd year with Crystal and could not be happier. Does an amazing job. Recommend ISR to everyone! 

We love Crystal! She is so incredible, so calming and sweet to our daughter. Very knowledgeable.  -Kiersti W 

Crystal is amazing. This is our third year with her and our boys love her. She pays attention to their individual needs. We love this program. -Jessica W. 

Crystal is the VERY BEST!  The work she has done with my daughters is incredible.  I will forever be grateful for how she has taught them safety and encouraged their love of the water. 

ISR has given me the peace of mind I expected, and more. I cannot imagine raising my kiddos without these skills! Crystal Grivas-Clausen is an incredible instructor! She is gentle but assertive in teaching my babies these life saving skills. She has a way of easing them into their confidence fairly quickly, and loves to see them succeed.  -McCall P

As always it’s amazing to see how effortlessly Crystal Grivas gets our daughter to remember her skills from years past and build on those.  Now our daughter can’t wait to show everyone her float each time she’s in the water. Our little fish loves her swim “coach” and asks about the next time she will have lessons. 

It’s our 2nd year with crystal and I have been amazed how much the kids have grown! She is a great teacher and we had Our 2 yo accidentally fall into the pool after his lessons with her- and he was able to make it out safely on his own! Recommend to everyone! 

Love our ISR instructor, Crystal Clausen Grivas is the best. Highly recommend it to everyone.

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